Who Are We?

Hi! My name is Zak Wegweiser and I am the founder of Appitt. I work with my friends and family to improve others through technology. All my apps are designed to help people. From education to entertainment, my goal is to make everybody the best version of themselves. My goal is to change the world one app a time!
Another part of Appitt is that we love assisting companies by making customized apps, which play a crucial role in the difference between a good and great company. We just hope to help anybody, company or individual, teenager or adult, man or woman, who wants an app on the app store to get it there!

To learn more about me, read my résumé and testimonials from the jobs I have worked on!


Lyfesaver is an app designed to connect students across high schools in a collaborative online forum. Students can efficently take a picture of what they are struggling with, and the community can respond and discuss ideas on how to solve these problems. Our goal is to connect students (and teachers) across the nation, so that when school ends, learning doesn't!


Cicret is an app designed for people who would like to talk to others anonymously. Our goal is to help people communicate privately with others without the distress of saying something uncomfortable and feeling embarrassed. We aim to keep our community of Cicret sharers safe and fun. Cicret should be seen as an engaging application that helps people express themselves.



Our Games

I have been a member of GameSalad® for over 5 years! I have made games and tutorials for many using GameSalad®. I make personalized tutorials for all users, from learning how to make pong, to Candy Crush styled games, to multiplayer tic-tac-toe! (Learn Now!)

You can check out our games made with GameSalad® here