Abuse Policy

Top things that are not tolerated or allowed on our application:

1. Bullies and bullying

2. Sending rude, mean messages or photos to other users, or anything that upsets or embarrasses someone else

3. Sending anything pornographic, sexually explicit or violent

4. Any type of threatening behavior

5. Any type of behavior or anything that attacks someone based on their race, religion or sexuality

6. Any illegal activity

7. Sending people spam

8. Saying things which don't belong to you or which you have no right to post

9. Spreading viruses

10. Trying to get hold of any personal or private information

11. Contacting anyone under the age of 13 years

12. Saying anything that could damage or harm you or anyone else

If we find out that anyone is doing any of these things (or anything like any of them) on Cicret, we will take steps to stop it. It will not be tolerated. You can help us do this by being a respectable user of Cicret.

Reporting Users

If any Cicret user messages you something that makes you feel uncomfortable or which upsets you or makes you angry, simply report them through the chat screen. This will notify us to look into userŐs activity and potentially delete their account. We try our best to keep a safe community for our users.

Let Us Know

If anyone is bothering you or making you upset, or if you think someone that you have reported has set up another account to bother you, let us know immediately. Please contact us at support@myappitt.com, or report them and we will look into the situation.

Please note: By continuing to use or access our Services, you are accepting and agreeing to the terms of this Abuse Policy.